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National Growth and Developmental Standards for the Pakistani Children

Fourth-Generation Solution of Childhood Obesity Problem proposed on Saturday, February 13, 2016 at 1545h

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Pakistan, Karachi, children, height, weight, stunting, wasting, body-mass index (BMI), adult-height prediction



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Project Director:

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Prof. Dr. Syed Arif Kamal
Dean, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Professor of Mathematics and Head of
Anthromathematics Group, the Syed Firdous Growth and Imaging Laboratory, University of Karachi, Member, Subject Committee for Physical Education, Health and Sport Sciences, National Testing Service Pakistan

Growth-and-Obesity Monitoring at Beacon Light Academy

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This site is dedicated to children of the third millennium in order to establish communication with the parents,
the teachers and the school-health professionals,
so that the next generation grows up with a
sound mind in a sound body, capable of
making independent decisions based on
creative thinking and critical analysis
of all the factors involved.

Updated: May 21, 2016 (0000h UTC)

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